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Life Doesn’t Have to be a Constant Struggle

When what you want out of life isn’t what is being played out, it’s easy to feel frustrated and stuck. But there’s an easier way to live the life you’ve been working so hard to attain.


I’ll help you identify the obstacles holding you back and create a personal SoulCare RoadMap to overcome them. That way, you can spend less time feeling like you’re not who you could be and more time becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Meet Adam Gray

I am passionate about people's mental wellness and soul care. We are now navigating the residual effects of the pandemic while also living in an age of planetary change, cultural upheaval, and collective anxiety.

That is why after 25 years as a full-time pastor ministering to teens, couples, and families, I founded InnerWell to provide dedicated, personalized, and proactive chaplaincy and coaching services for employees and their families. Today, I use my experience to help provide clarity to those seeking peace in the stress and meaning in the chaos.


I am married and have two young adult children. I love Seinfeld references and confess to having a love-hate relationship with the Dallas Cowboys.


Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Certified Coaches Alliance (CCA)


Certified in Employee Wellness and Stress Management from Stanford Center for Health Education


Certified in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) from University of Maryland Baltimore County


Spiritual Director with certifications in both Protestant and Catholic faith traditions


Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Bible and Ministry from Abilene Christian University


“I started meeting with Adam out of a push to find a spiritual mentor. Whether I am struggling or at peace, our time together is always a blessing. He is fully present, listens with deep intent, and puts you at ease. In a fast-paced world that always demands more, he pushes me to push back. I would recommend him without hesitation.”

— Adrian


“Prior to meeting with Adam, I had lost a healthy balance in my life because of a demanding position at work. Adam helped me understand how much God loves me and accepts me. I'm learning to see myself as a treasured child of God and experience peace and joy. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to grow in spiritual disciplines. He exudes the love of Christ!”

— Beth

What Makes InnerWell Different


  • Compassion and empathy. I’m in the business of caring. Because I know how difficult it can be to navigate the ups and downs in life, I work hard to deeply understand what you or your employees are going through, build an authentic connection, and help you overcome the obstacles holding you back.

  • Spiritual guidance without judgment. As someone from a religious background, I know all too well how “fire and brimstone” preaching can make you feel. My goal is to be present with you and to help you through your journey, not to make you feel guilty about where you are today.

  • Step-by-step actionable plans. With some coaching programs, you’ll only feel better during the session. But with your custom SoulCare Roadmap, I’ll create practical next steps you or your employees can follow outside of meetings to continue to grow personally—even when I’m not there.


  • Confidentiality. It’s difficult to open up if you’re afraid your struggles will be out in the open. I provide employers with the confidence of knowing they’re helping employees while honoring and protecting their privacy.

Take the First Step Toward Fulfillment


You don’t have to stay in a place of anxiety, emptiness, and disappointment. I have helped hundreds of people find hope and healing, and I would love to help you or your employees do the same.


Reach out now, and let’s start imagining the possibilities.

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