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When Life Leaves You Anxious, Tired, and Half-Empty...

It’s easy to feel disheartened in our noisy world—especially when you’re trying your best but life still feels overwhelming. 


As a certified life coach and corporate chaplain, I help people stay grounded in the chaos, so they can pursue a life of hope and fulfillment.

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InnerWell Helps Business Owners & Individuals:


  • Get the clarity needed to live life to the fullest

  • Gain direction, momentum, and traction

  • Build, deepen, and strengthen relationships

  • Get step-by-step, actionable guidance

  • Improve work performance, focus, and drive

  • Stop feeling stuck, anxious, and overwhelmed

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Life Can Be Hard. Finding Peace Doesn’t Have to Be.


It shouldn’t be so hard to find purpose, connection, and joy in life. But I know firsthand how difficult it can be to feel full inside, no matter how busy you may be. 


And when everyone else seems like they have it all figured out, you start to wonder if there’s something wrong with you because you can’t fix the emptiness inside.


As a certified coach, spiritual director, and corporate chaplain, I have helped hundreds of individuals find clarity, direction, and comfort in some of the most painful situations. Today, my company InnerWell provides soul care and coaching to businesses and individuals. 

These feelings don’t change on their own, but they can change. Schedule a conversation with me today. Together, we’ll create a roadmap to help you get where you want to go and be who you want to be.


Get Clarity, Direction, & Confidence in 3 Steps

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Schedule a
60-Minute Conversation

Let’s connect! In this quick call, I’ll help you identify where you want your life or your business to go and help you determine the best way to get there.


Follow Your


Together, we’ll create a customized plan to help you or your employees to take steps toward a fuller, happier life.


Peace in
the Chaos


With ongoing support from InnerWell, you’ll be able to refuel your health, gain momentum in life, and make a difference for the people you care about.


“Before meeting with Adam, I was struggling with thinking negative thoughts about if I was good enough. Now, I feel like I’m slowly but surely getting to the point where I’m allowing myself to think positive thoughts. Adam was very patient with me and asked questions that made me think. It feels good to step out of my comfort zone to see the potential I have for success.”

— Lauren

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​“When I simply read about spiritual disciplines, it can be difficult to understand them. Adam has helped my wife and I explore and deepen our relationship with God over many years. I have never felt anxious discussing sensitive topics with him and would highly recommend him when you find yourself in need of a wise, compassionate listener and guide.”

— John

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​“When I reached out to Adam, I was feeling frustrated and constrained. I kept my struggles bottled up and was deeply unfulfilled. Adam was very understanding, never judgmental. He is open to other faith traditions and knows what helps one person may not work for someone else. If you are feeling stuck, Adam can help you see the forest through the trees and find meaning.”

— Spiritual Direction Client

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Discover 5 Mistakes to Avoid During the COVID-19 Pandemic


For most of us, these past two years have been some of the most stressful yet—and COVID-19 played a significant role in that. 


But you don’t have to stay in that heavy place. The actions you take right now can shape the next few years into a time of confidence, healing, and fulfillment.


In my free guide, 5 Mistakes to Avoid During the COVID-19 Pandemic, you’ll learn the biggest mistakes people are making as we adjust to our new normal. Plus, you’ll walk away with simple ways to overcome the scars left behind by sickness, mask mandates, shutdowns, isolation, and fear. 

Fill out this form to get your copy now.

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